Six Why’s to hear the Askpagakis Podcast


Six Why’s to hear the Askpagakis Podcast explains why have I started the podcast series. It is my social contribution to Young Talent. In 2009 I’ve realized what’s coming. I’ve seen it in New York, Tokyo, Israel, London, Rome. The Transformation will upturn everything we know. After its digital part ends, only the 40% of the models and companies we know, will have survived.

Six Why’s to hear the Askpagakis Podcast

Let me enlighten you. The “passive income” culture pushes many people to do everything online, looking for revenue mostly. This wasn’t my thought when I’ve created the podcast.

Besides loving to listen to the old-radio tunes, whenever I could, it was always a favourite habit to hear and read new things. Later on, if you remember, we’ve grown-up with Walkman (yes, I’m an old-timer…). I loved the music and the portability.

But before I lay down the 6 Why’s, please let me explain why a podcast…

It’s time for Voice and global sharing

Today, radio is podcasts. So many podcasts out there… Two million or more… No matter which is your interests, there’s a show. The explosion is happening in the U.S. (more open to sharing there and more ‘early-adopters’). Consider these U.S. stats (from  Edison Research, Apr 2018):

  • Podcasting is growing: monthly listeners grew from 24% of Americans 12+ to 26% year over year.
  • Podcast listeners are more likely to own a smart speaker.
  • Listening when commuting is growing.
  • Podcasting’s Share-of-Ear has doubled in four years.
  • Podcasts are the No1 audio source by time of consumption among podcast listeners

Podcasts for training, experience, new insights

It was 2014, in my Ericsson visit in New York when I engaged in a future-looking discussion for Marketing & Communications. My US peers knew already for podcasts: you can listen while you drive, or when taking a walk, or when working out, or at home. It doesn’t require the same level of attention as the video does.

Finally you “consume” podcasts in ‘downtime’, but it turns out to be a fun-productive time. I’m convinced that podcasts are one of the most under-utilized marketing tactics. The ‘on-demand’ radio …64% of podcasts are consumer via smartphones and tablets.

The stimulus for #Borrowmybrain #podcast

In 2009 I’ve realized what’s coming. I’ve seen it in New York, Tokyo, Israel, London, Rome. The Transformation will upturn everything we know. After its digital part ends, only 40% of the models and companies we know, will have survived.

Technology empowers. But the Economy 4.0 changes business models, skills, and practices. It will Change Ideas, Markets, Institutions, and Education. Few really realize that it’s the era of competence shift. Few get that now is the time to re-train, review, refine, re-energize.

Everywhere you see resistance to Change. Take for example my country, Greece! It resists as a society and an economic system to Change initiatives -private and public sector alike- minimizing opportunities for the country’s youth. Talent is everywhere, but opportunities aren’t. We must change this! I didn’t have any other tool in hand, besides blogging and my voice (podcasting)

Sacrifice and Victimize our Youth? No way!

In 2009 I’ve started writing for startup ideas and Change, outside the tech startups (bubble). I’ve tried to ignite a community of young talent and older ‘brick-and-mortar’ entrepreneurs and researchers to get stimuli and ideas on “What’s next”. Bit romantic you might think, yes, but I was hoping to cut-through social media haters and hecklers by sharing knowledge and experience.

But it didn’t go far. In 2014, after 1.000 articles, I’ve realized (and got discouraged) that a new breed of ‘fake’ helpers appeared: startup event owners, HR coaches etc. looking into a new revenue source.

Get a sample of these articles in Greek

In 2017 I’ve decided to go further-on and create an engaging and helpful podcast. Building an audience. Telling what I’ve seen in the R&D centres of the world and what all these mean to us and our future. How do we need to change the mentality? How youngsters should stop believing that their path is only becoming employees to ‘multinationals’. Empowering them, influencing parents. Not an easy task.

Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes, they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little truth, and the greatest things can happen. #askpagakis #borrowmybrain #podcast

The podcast themes?

In so many business trips I’ve had in all the innovation hubs and centres of EU, US, SEA I’ve realized that the opportunities will move over my country, to other opportunity markets, primarily because of Greece’s wrong attitude and old-logics. We are not investing measurably for creating the new economy.

Young people incubated in European universities were telling me how great and welcomed they felt in developing patents for companies, governments and organizations. You know the story… In Greece, on the contrary, there’s no environment to research, test, measure, learn and do.

I thought of “what do we stand for Greece?” Seriously. I had in mind to bring together people that are creatively anxious about the future but need to be exposed to new ideas. It’s tough. There are obstacles. Old-minded people rule institutions.

But there is always higher meaning and space to support youth, communities and good causes. Join me in this effort. I only have my blogging and voice. It’s so important now to change the public dialogue agenda and help everyone around us prepare for economy 4.0. We have lost so many opportunity ‘trains’; we should not stay behind.

Six Why’s to hear the Askpagakis Podcast

  1. It’s free, pleasant, easy-going habit. No cost involved now, or later. You can also consider activating those for your company or product, or cause-spreading
  2. Keeps you company when commuting, or when working out. Promise, my voice, music, and insights will be at least entertaining. Most of the times will be thought-provoking. In other words, I’m not your latest music video on Youtube…
  3. Makes you think alternatives or fresh perspectives. I’m not a typical guy, simply promoting himself. I’m not an online-accredited coach to repeat every day the word “Success” in different forms. I will push us all to the edge of questioning the ‘establishment’, through the lenses of new ideas, best-cases, and disruptive change.
  4. Help young Talent ignite. Possibly none of the podcasts will solve your (own) problem, but helping our Youth out there is a greater cause for which I’m personally inspired.
  5. You will not hear cliche-tutoring. If you want cliche (to feel ‘normal’ – like others), you have family, school, institutions, universities, and politicians. Repeating every day the same agenda.
  6. You help me share with others all the above, in a noble cause to help our Talent really ignite.

No matter where you are in school, university, or business -from the first inkling of an idea to managing a billion-dollar operation, you have a puzzling challenge that you’re trying to solve. No matter how successful any of us get, we are inevitably doomed to confront yet the next challenge …every day.

But what if your challenges were actually opportunities in disguise …opportunities that, if correctly exploited, could give you not only the solution you were seeking but also a brand new avenue for ensuring that you’ll never have to face another challenge alone?

If you feel OK with my views, then join me

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