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Why, Who, What

We’ve heard many business owners with excuses when losing a Customer: it’s because of pricing, a difficult character, was asking too much, peculiarities …or, that technology and the internet are hurting business. If a customer is lost, it is the business to blame…

Did you know?

The E.U. reports on SMEs shows that 23 million such companies generate €3.9 trillion in value-add and they employ approximately 90 million people. But this is very small GDP output since Growth is not here and the disruptions continue… Consumers are now global, mobile, and after personalized experiences.


This e-Book has been written with the purpose of bringing forward the Customer service concepts –no matter the context or the industry or the way of access– no matter what kind of business you’re in. The Customer is the ‘reason-why’ we exist for, the end purpose and metric of success, the input to the product, marketing, and service innovation. There’s nothing more…

Service Revolution

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Brand Navigation

We advise, strategize, and plan the activations for your long-term successful Brand. We navigate and connect (B2B2C) Brand, Audiences, Emotions, Growth.

Brand Storytelling

We infuse your Brand with the art of Storytelling. We deliver signature narratives that go beyond the copies for a website, or a mere presentation.

Brand Digital

We show you how to keep online Consumers coming back to your Brand places. We plan interactions based on technology insights and meaningful experiences.


BMB Borrow my Brain Consulting is on a mission to transfer Branding, Marketing, and Communications’ know-how to business owners, communicators, agencies, and talent to help them re-charge their plans in the Economy 4.0. You can ask to Borrow my Brain Brand consulting, Content creation, Storytelling workshops and advisory sessions. For reasons of integrity, on the website, we avoid topics directly related to the work with clients. If we write about affiliates, clients, client work or direct competitors of my employer, we will disclose that relationship

Vision & Mission

We shepherd Brands with expert know-how and actionable Ideas. While agencies execute for revenue, we work in the foundations. How Brands look, talk and behave off-and-online. All claim legacy, leadership, customer-centric …that’s old-school irrelevant. Leading a business is a sane journey.

You gave a Promise, right? The Brand that serves and moves people. Innovation, transformation, customer marketing, CX & Content are the new Brand issues! We look into these. We review plans. We enrich PR, online, sales, crisis themes. We train your people.