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Technology empowers. But the Economy 4.0 will transform business models, skills, and practices. It will Change Ideas, Markets, Institutions, and Education. Many realize that it’s the era of competence shift. Time to re-train, review, refine, re-energize. Some innovate and improve. Not in my country! It resists as a society and an economic system to Change initiatives -private and public sector alike- minimizing opportunities for the country’s youth. Talent is everywhere, but opportunities aren’t. We must change this!

Talent is everywhere, opportunities?

Part of the Borrow my Brain mission: share stimuli for Talent and Change. A simple idea of social contribution, that feels strong inside …for our Youth. With a loud voice, podcasting and blogging, share with young Cypriots and Greeks all that can equip them for the future. Can’t change old-school classes or parenting, but sharing a podcast is free!

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BMB Borrow my Brain Consulting is on a mission to transfer Branding, Marketing, and Communications know-how to help Clients abandon routine and re-charge their plans in the Economy 4.0. Ask for Consulting sessions, Content creation, Storytelling workshops. For reasons of integrity, on the website, we avoid topics directly related to the work with Clients.

Vision & Mission

We shepherd Brands with actionable ways. Working in the foundations. How Brands look, talk and behave, off-and-online. All claim legacy, leadership, customer-centric …old-school irrelevant.

Leading a business is a sane journey, but you gave a Promise, right? To serve and move them. This looks now to innovation, change, customer marketing/CX, Content. For these we review plans, we enrich plans (tactics, PR, online, sales, crisis) and train people.

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