Our top-12 most popular blog posts of 2018!

Our top-12 most popular blog posts of 2018! Visitors and readers stayed most on these and found them most probably helpful in what they do.

Our top-12 most popular blog posts of 2018!

Below are the most popular (by the number of visits and reading time) Borrow My Brain blog posts of the year 2018 according to visitors and readers – most probably preferred for their views and insights. Here we go:

December: Borrow My Brain is 12 months old and scales with purpose

November: Ways for Brands to build a positive Reputation

October: M&A is the only Growth Strategy Ahead

September: Digital push for ‘always-on’ destroys Brand promises

August: Brand Digital transformation: the 5 areas

July: Turn your Creative into a Strategic activation

June: Corporate uncertainty: the day we ‘lost’ HR

May: How the Agency of the future looks like?

April: The Sales funnel series – No1. Acquisition

March: Seniority & Expertise for Crisis Communications

February: Blogging for Brand, personality, customers, ideas

January: Insights, Content Marketing, Skills form Brand Experiences

May we all have a good, prosperous and creative New Year!
Warm regards, Tasos Pagakis

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