Now it is the time to startup #borrowmybrain


Now it is the time to startup #borrowmybrain. New professional chapter ahead. I will devote myself in giving high-value knowledge-transfer at low-cost, so I can massively shepherd business owners and communicators into sustainable growth. What I’ve seen at the highest market sophistication levels, will now become mass, and I will play the best game I know, adding value to businesses.

Now it is the time to startup #borrowmybrain

Some time in life, you have to Change, pivot and re-attack the road ahead. Starting my career in 1988 (11.500 calendar days), I’ve developed hands-on business acumen (57+ industries and 370 companies’ navigated), learning from the best on how to position, develop, and protect business propositions.

My career path in Marketing & Communications was rich in experiences, merger and acquisitions, crisis handling, corporate issues and brand experiences at any touchpoint.

Now is the time to go out of the corporate world, and offer my 30 years’ experience to shepherd valuable actionable ideas to business owners, communicators, and talent. These are the three groups my work was always impacting and addressing.

Why now?

Travelling the world, I’ve seen what disruptions lie ahead. I’ve seen innovative factories closing. Cloud taking over. Awful and sudden change for which no one was prepared is coming. Thousands of operational, marketing, service businesses’ growth models will perish. New will be created.

The transformative forces of technology, urbanization, cost-value equation, digital business impact corporations of any size and personal careers. I wish to support and ‘save’ some good companies and hard-working people within the Networked Society.

I’ve decided to make my mission to transfer practical, highly-sophisticated know-how on the 360o business issues that business owners and communicators need to hear and integrate into their re-charged plans. My purpose is to serve some good people, some hard-working individuals and prepare youngsters for what’s coming and not simply blah-blah.

It will be a full know-how experience

Aren’t others offering business advice? Of course, but I will go on top of it. You see, in the digital transformation “black” and within the “startups bubble” hype-talk, many good people don’t know where to start. They don’t know how to turn around their business. They attempt to employ solutions, but it proves out they lose time and resources in ‘silo’ actions, offered by fake ‘friends’, without looking to transform their full-business model.

I don’t start my company as a reaction to the post-recession context, but out of my belief, that these fake solutions and people that have already destroyed brands, companies, jobs, careers and young talent will possibly harm the post-recession response efforts that good people do.

I’ve done my test analysis for 2 years

There’s no valuable webinar, teachable course, or personal advice missed in my last two years. I even went into Seth Godin’s marketing learning, to see what kind of issues at hand, any entrepreneur has to tackle.

In the last years, I’ve written almost 1.000 articles for innovation (isn’t time to stop writing and doing for others?!), and entrepreneurship. Count also 152 keynotes and co-working with great (few) people. On all these occasions, I was trying to assess if the market stakeholders add valuable information, educate the many, and help the entire economy grow.

No! It is mostly personal branding efforts without making a bigger impact. In the growth economy “scene” (innovations, e-learning, seminars, events, startups), many smart salesmen (digital freelancers, agencies, coaches, brand evangelists, seminar owners of internet ‘pyramid’ creators) have simply found a new revenue opportunity.

My (synoptic) canvas says….

1. What problem are you solving? I’m bridging the know-how gaps of small-medium sized companies in Marketing, Growth, and Communications in the context of the digital transformation; they need a boost of actionable ideas.

2. How have others attempted to solve this problem before, and why did their solutions succeed or fail? Few have delivered a 360o worldview of practical improvements to business owners; they mostly focus on their selling offer (manage your FB page, build a website, design an app, creative content, etc). Secondly, they are too expensive, putting another obstacle to the burdens business owners have in the post-recession.

3. How many specific benefits of your product or idea can you list?

  • Borrow my Brain sessions for your Brand plans
  • Borrow my Brain session to enrich your PR360o
  • Borrow my Brain for crafting Storytelling Content
  • Borrow my Brain training workshops for Spokespersons on their brand experience
  • Borrow my Brain sessions for Talent meetups especially for startup teams or career planning
  • On top, a lot of free content all the time and (soon) e-Courses for many relevant issues
  • All service delivery is completely customized by my Client
  • All services offered at low-cost, high-value (knowledge-transfer proximate to all)
  • Podcasting for Change and support of young generation in Cyprus and Greece
  • Personal knowledge of technology-marketing-business operations
  • Global expertise and local (Southeastern Europe) expertise
  • All digital, accessible by any device, anytime

4. Can you state the key features of your service?

  • Booking through my website automatically the Borrow my Brain sessions for one or two hours
  • Booking through my website the booking of my low-cost time to support Content, Crisis & PR
  • Booking easy for workshops on Public presence and Training Spokespeople training
  • e-Courses school on Teachable

5. Does your idea already exist in the same way you were going to create it? Different parts of the BMB’s whole approach might exist silo-ed in the market, but they cost cumulatively much and are disbursed by many locations, formats, owners not in the best expertise.

I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.

Woodrow Wilson, American President

6. Who are your potential competitors? The freelance, coaches, business consultants that we will measure in the field of know-how and value. Yes, the risk is that this bunch of competitors make the marketplace overcrowded

7. What sets you apart from competitors? It will be a delivery, content, and variety experience

8. Have you done a SWOT analysis? Yes and it looks balanced

9. Do you have access to the various resources you need to launch a business? I do! Internet, router, WordPress, Bookly, Convertkit, Kraken, WPML, my friends, my blogging tutor Aspaonline and her fabulous blogging e-Course training called Blog Success, and myself at best energy and passion to excel, no matter how long do I stay in front of my computer. I also have partners with which we share time and resource allocation, to co-create support solutions.

10. Do you have a mentor or industry advisor that you can call on? I’ve spent six months getting feedback and insights from all the segments of the wider Marketing & Communication industry. I’ve audited personally 360 former customers, partners and peers on their market views. I’ve listened wise CEO’s telling me the obstacles ahead. Got the support of the best bloggers and heard the opinions of media people that are now being transformed.

11. Can you set up a landing page and encourage interested people to sign up for more information? Yes, is the page and from it all landing pages fly-out. Currently, the ‘beta-testers’ are giving me feedback, that I will continue to exploit and improve.

12. What would it take to build a minimum viable product to test the market? I’ve shared free e-Books with 25 different experts. Tested twice the Spokespeople training workshop, distancing quality from the usual media-only training (same methodologies have been tested with 250+ CEO and country managers before). The e-Courses proved likeability at the testing community. Creative content and identity of my new business were liked by 41 former peers in the Marketing industry (customers).

13. Can you produce the actual product yourself, or do you have a partner who can? The core is me, my experience in business marketing and communications, and my know-how from the globally connected economy. Then, it will grow through a network of experts believing in the borrow my brain mission and delivery (low-cost, high value)

14. What will it take to break even or make a profit? I’m not after huge profits but after a decent living. My anxiety is to first build the Vision; then, the money will follow – only if target-audience gets satisfied and talks over the content I share, only then there will be signs of a viable business.

Why in English, since you are Greek?

I feel a citizen of the world. I’m a pro-European. I’ve worked for long abroad. My kids do projects in English; the internet is in English (local native materials are still very poor, due to the digital divide). I want to be part of the evolving access, peer-to-peer, personalized and global economy. I need to convey messages that can be heard in wider geographies.

English is the no1 spoken language in business, communications, and in my profession domains. So it’s a vehicle to share insights with open-minds, exporters, new creators, young teams, new model owners, investors and go beyond my country. My wish is not to simply facilitate some projects in the closed national economy I live in. I might not own the Oxfordian accent, but I’ll be writing pretty plain and easy for everyone to follow.

Last but not least, in my country’s social media scene we’ve got a growing number of hecklers and haters, old-timers, anti- …anything groups. This notion intensified my belief to proceed in English as if that would be a further “beacon of avoidance”.

So, challenge me & use me

I feel inspired to transfer know-how, in the form of practical actionable advice that can save some good business people, support good companies that aim to transform, and help youngsters see ahead (and not repeat our old mistakes). To inspire action for Growth Marketing, Brands, and Communications with an ethical and un-compromised approach.

Challenge me with your project and you’ll get the most expert advice, you’ve ever heard. Ask me on real cases and you’ll get practical responses, compared to none. Invite me to your training, and you’ll see valuable realities and not copy-paste theories.

Growth shifts. Disruptions accelerated.

A new societal deal is here. Powerful forces for Companies, Owners, Change-makers, and careers demand thoughtful and actionable responses. Don’t go there alone. “BMB | BORROW MY BRAIN CONSULTING” company is your new partner.

My brand promise is simple: I will do my best for a better (re-charged = knowledgeable) You!

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