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Small businesses, big corporations, and organizations are in a frenzy of survival-mode. Yes, leading a business is stressful. Yes, it’s a sane journey. Yes, you must protect the top-line.

But your business was built on a Promise. The Brand that serves and moves people. Today Branding Experience is priority 2. All fight for legacy and leadership which aren’t Customer-centric and agile. It is old-school irrelevant.

What about Innovation, Digital transformation, Customer marketing excellence, CX and Content marketing, or Crisis-response? These are the issues that Brands face today!

Look into these issues. Companies, Managers, Agencies swift from revenue, to non-routine plans, enriched PR, Crisis and Trust, and train your people for the on-going Transformation.

Borrow my Brain for Value

The Brand Storytelling Consulting and Training company looks into the Brand again. Strong Brand voices, meaningful interactions, strategic Content and Trust perception.

Everything we do will look into the Brand world. The position, the story, the audience relevance, and engagement. Aligning Leadership, Communications, and Organization. Under one compass: Insights and Customer Journeys.

We see the need in global markets, in disrupted models, and companies that lost more than market share! In New York, Stockholm, London, Tokyo, Rome. Now in EMEA.

Brands, Creativity, Service can stand Industry 4.0. Borrow my Brain Consulting & Training will connect the dots for the desired position, value, Most Wanted Actions.

Our Value Exchange

Borrow my Brain competes with fake solution providers that destroy brands, companies, jobs. Those that harm post-recession response efforts that good people do. Enough!

We will deliver a unified Marketing-Communication-Digital view, 3in1, to every client session, content, or training. In everything we do. To help them save on costs and risks. To educate. So they tell greater stories and stand-out.

We will deliver bespoke Brand Consulting and Training every time (not copy-paste) and a volume of free-content, Facebook lives, seminars, e-courses trying to give real Value.

What set us apart from competitors, is the delivery, content, and the varied experience, at an accessible cost. Know-how and value-add shouldn’t be expensive, but open to all

Lead Officer

Tasos Pagakis is on a journey to build, and scale Borrow my Brain in EMEA. He shares expertise from his 30 years in Branding, PRStorytelling, and Digital marketing to re-charge your plans. He has worked in both worlds: the strategic marketing Client-side and the Agencies’ world. Check his Experience, connect, ask input, refine choices.

He is considered a Customer journeys’ expert and a Marketing strategist. He knows how to fix the digital divide between Brands and Consumers. Always brings a Growth Mindset. Has Navigated numerous global brands, programs, and leaders’ profile. Today, he evangelizes, Brands and Leaders risk on marketing distrust and parity messages. Everything seems the same. Stakeholders aren’t thrilled. Digital presence isn’t working, without a strategic view.

Use Borrow my Brain on an ad-hoc, on-issue basis, and as the least expensive of your company assets.


million € budget handled


C-level leaders advised for Issues


Connected Economy keynotes


Effectiveness & Creative awards


years of business acumen

I have known Tasos in various positions and common clients but it is only a few months ago, that I had the chance of watching him presenting a proposal to a client …and I was really astonished by his talent, passion, courtesy, but also professionalism, strategic thinking and direct approach.

Anna Karadimitriou Anna Karadimitriou

Knowledgeable and highly experienced marketing professional. Throughout our professional relationship he has consistently demonstrated the ability to come up with innovative solutions and ensure results under complex and critical situations, in a way that inspired confidence.

Alexandros Kostiroglou Marketing Manager, Volvo Car

The most important attribute I discovered that Tasos has, is the ability to study and analyze reality & facts.
Then, integrating and presenting those within the tactical and strategic solutions and plans to deliver results within the constraints set.
Really appreciated this.

John Gratsonis CEO, Greece and Cyprus, BSH Group

Tasos as a Client Director managed successfully the relationships between JT International-network and local Markets. His team’s work for the Annual strategic and operations plan, has been rated highly as creative, results oriented and in line with business. Mature personal style, worked as a catalyst under heated circumstances, providing clear vision and business directions.

Dimitris Georgopoulos Marketing and Sales Director, Japan Tobacco International

Cooperative, open-minded, and knowledgeable professional who added value to the growth plans of the company. He performed with high-results, and energy to strengthen Ericsson positive perception. Connects communication activity with business planning.

George Karamanolakis CFO Southeastern Europe, Ericsson

A valuable partner throughout a short but vital project. He was quick to grasp all the critical issues at hand, delivered excellent results and worked beyond the scope of our brief, providing us with insights and stimuli even after the project was done. I strongly recommend Tasos as your partner

Christina Gavrili Group Brand Manager, Sarantis Group

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