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Your Partner for Growth

Leading a business is stressful. Sometimes you feel on your own, or missing on resources. It’s a sane journey. In the public dialogue for businesses you don’t hear often for innovation, change agent, brand & customer marketing, service excellence, customer experience.

If business owners don’t make these words their own, they’ll be out. Nothing will stand Industries’ Transformation. It’s not just to go online, without fixing your whole business, product selections, operations, customer service and support.

BMB is here to help the companies that want to improve, to set a refined agenda with Product selectivity, Service experiences, Brand relevance, Pricing for Value-exchanges. This is the only way to stay competitive and engage the nomadic and tribal (same time) consumer.

BMB will connect the dots for your Company’s Most wanted position, Customer experiences & Value services, and Digital most wanted actions.

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I have known Tasos in various positions and common clients but it is only a few months ago, that I had the chance of watching him presenting a proposal to a client …and I was really astonished by his talent, passion, courtesy, but also professionalism, strategic thinking and direct approach.

Anna Karadimitriou Anna Karadimitriou

Knowledgeable and highly experienced marketing professional. Throughout our professional relationship he has consistently demonstrated the ability to come up with innovative solutions and ensure results under complex and critical situations, in a way that inspired confidence.

Alexandros Kostiroglou Marketing Manager, Volvo Car

The most important attribute I discovered that Tasos has, is the ability to study and analyze reality & facts.
Then, integrating and presenting those within the tactical and strategic solutions and plans to deliver results within the constraints set.
Really appreciated this.

John Gratsonis CEO, Greece and Cyprus, BSH Group

Tasos as a Client Director managed successfully the relationships between JT International-network and local Markets. His team’s work for the Annual strategic and operations plan, has been rated highly as creative, results oriented and in line with business. Mature personal style, worked as a catalyst under heated circumstances, providing clear vision and business directions.

Dimitris Georgopoulos Marketing and Sales Director, Japan Tobacco International

Cooperative, open-minded, and knowledgeable professional who added value to the growth plans of the company. He performed with high-results, and energy to strengthen Ericsson positive perception. Connects communication activity with business planning.

George Karamanolakis CFO Southeastern Europe, Ericsson

A valuable partner throughout a short but vital project. He was quick to grasp all the critical issues at hand, delivered excellent results and worked beyond the scope of our brief, providing us with insights and stimuli even after the project was done. I strongly recommend Tasos as your partner

Christina Gavrili Group Brand Manager, Sarantis Group

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Your Content support

Corporate and Brand narratives are weak. Leaders are absent from the scene. More Crisis will come-in due to disengaged audiences and scrutiny. You need strong messaging. But how can you do it, without theme platforms, that cut-through the narrow web attention span?

Most C-level teams try hard to lock in the efficiencies. They focus more on financial, and risk management to prevent their organizations from slipping back into loose financials. They focus only on top-line.

All these deviate focus on the brand, the story, the audience, the relevance, and the digital engagement. Leadership, Communications, and Organization are not aligned. There’s an urgent need to revisit the Brand & Customer journeys together, mirroring themes and messaging.

BMB contributes to Communications in-house or PR agencies with ideas to their plans or with Content work to their Company themes, CSR, Stakeholder & PA issues, Crisis preparedness. The most well-equipped experience, and a genuine interest to see peers igniting again.

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Strong technical knowledge and exceptional human skills. Developed the skills and capabilities of his teams in a way that helped the Company achieve its objectives. As a Management Director handled a great workload contributing to the Company’s excellence, business development and creative success.

Takis Kiousopoulos Marketing Communications Expert, former CEO Adel Saatchi & Saatchi

Tasos is a great professional with people experience. A brilliant mind, who forges ideas 24/7 together with human touch and the capability to deliver projects. The team could get the best of his diverse experiences and condensate into strong consulting capabilities

Andrea MIssori Head of Technology Integration, Ericsson

Great asset for any team that requires advice on internal and external communications. Knowledgeable, methodical, well informed on issues, passionate and highly effective, he can easily adopt to any “agenda” and provide in-time results. Excellent coach and inspiration to his team.

Lydia Yiannakopoulou Group Corporate Communications, Titan Cement

He is a seasoned and talented communications professional with strategic skills and exceptional drive. It has always been an immense pleasure to work with him in preparing pitches we were pursuing together. Has an integrated approach to communications, strategic planning and PR.

Maria Lazarimou Strategic Communications Consultant, Viohalco

Highly skilled, competent and persistent colleague, managing the most difficult projects and tasks in the company and bringing excellent results outscoring budget and his peers. Team player, hard worker with strong personality, respect for colleagues and a role model in the company.

Panagiotis Emmanouilidis Head of Workforce Planning & Analytics, Ericsson

We worked together for several past years. He is great professional with experience in internal and external Communications, excellent ideas and innovative approach. Tasos handled a very complex region, consisting of many countries and local realities, but he did it with ease and great style.

Milan Gospic COO and Head of Networks & Managed Services, Ericsson

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Change-makers mentored

Your Friend & Guide

You are the Game Changers, our only viable future. Currently, you are the ones creating real Value, from zero-up. You have the tools and the talent, but you aren’t sure on your path. You might be in beta-testing, or drafting your professional profile.

You might be among those 50% thinking to start a business, but your fears stop you? Let’s fine-tune your ideas with the soft skills you need to elevate. Let’s discuss personalization, convenience, speed, and storytelling. Let’s exchange alternatives that tackle unclear future instability.

Your path is clear: think smart, act forcefully, work hard, go out of comfort zones, and thrive with new skills, on-going learning, Creativity, and Service. Be open and transparent, customer-centric, co-create in the global scene. Plan your path.

Tasos Pagakis has worked for Ericsson Innovation Awards 2013-2015 and for Business Innovation Forums, with smart city initiatives, with NGO’s, with innovations of 46 web communities. He’s not a developer, but an advocate of people’s needs to serve.

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A role-model professional. Creative and open minded but at the same time highly organized and deadline oriented. His strategic thinking makes him a really valuable asset and his experience in the “field” along with his human qualities make him an incomparable mentor.

Dimitris Floros Global Corporate Account Manager, Emirates

Tasos is a great Chief, who knows how to win the trust of collaborators and subordinates. He is tireless and inexhaustible about work. He is always willing to help and explain, but also expects a lot from his colleagues. We had a very good cooperation and I learnt a lot from his experience.

Eva Theotokatou TV Presenter / Radio Producer / Blogger

I have worked with Tasos in an extremely demanding multinational environment for two years.

He always exceeded the expectations of the entire Leadership Team.

Dedicated, tireless and always with fresh ideas helped bring out the best as a Marketing and Communications expert.

Bill Koulouris Head of Commercial, Incelligent

Mr. Pagakis is a very helpful and creative mentor to all team members, aiming to help you develop.

As a team member in his corporate and communications projects, I learned many tips and details about my job and function.

I’ve enjoyed his friendly and professional supervision as a junior colleague of his.

Ali Egilmez Business development Manager

Tasos is the modern Mentor. Besides his sharp business acumen, he is a generous helper and great listener. During our mentoring process, he taught me how to build my professional brand, encouraged me to try harder and gave me practical steps to stay focused in business arena.

Marianna Papakosma Mentee

Talented and experienced professional.
Creative and very quick in his thinking. An exceptional problem-solver. An asset to any team and a pleasure to work with.
He respects the people he is working with, he is trustworthy, a reliable partner

Christina AkouriCommunications manager, Papastratos affiliate of Philip Morris International