iPad Pro is my office, everywhere, anytime

iPad Pro is my office, everywhere, anytime

iPad Pro is my office, everywhere, anytime

For more than 11 years, I was a heavy-duty user of laptops. Handy, small or big, always connected, 24/7 accessible, and necessary to bring along in all of my business trips.

Everything was convenient at my touchpad’s reach: e-mail, office documents, presentations, storage, and access to all SAP-related business platforms (hourly reporting, in-company surveys, logistics and sourcing approvals etc.). You name it!

I was so satisfied with this business tool, that I was either laughing or undermining the every-4-months released tablets as of 2012. They were considered, heavy, not-compliant, or lacking connectivity of software platforms. Not to mention the quick ‘wear-out’ of the battery. I used to say, they are a ‘luxury’ (quite expensive back then, compared to their productivity ratio).

The iPad Pro 12.9 was a ‘medical’ solution

It was a worrying evening when my ophthalmologist did an optometric test, to find my 0.75 presbyopia. The doctor suggested to me special PC-ready glasses, proper lighting solution (which is never the case in any corporate office), and a very (really) bright monitor. But, let’s face it, the majority of the laptops have a very basic (low-cost) monitor unless you pay above €900.

The same night, was the first time I laid hands on an iPad Pro or considering those as a very expensive ‘luxury’. I was impressed by the monitor. The size and clarity of viewing. The lightweight of it. The smart keyboard. The pencil to mark your notes, or produce semi-professional (but self-expressive) graphs and ‘equations’ to include in my bloody powerpoint files.

It was that moment that I’ve left all the cliche behind me and the next morning I bought one for me. It is, until today, the best work and technology buy I’ve ever done! The device made me forget all the PC-routines I was used to. Beauuuutifuul!

It comes fully ‘connected’

I’m not into product/tech review (or un-boxing), but Apple has solved all ‘blocking’ issues with Microsoft, Adobe apps and now works (in all iOS) smoothly with everyone. With this, iPad has become a tool of nearly limitless functionality.

The reason that Apple is able to create products like the iPad is because we’ve always tried to be at the intersection of technology and the liberal arts.

Steve Jobs

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