Express your Brand in fascinating ways


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Express your Brand in fascinating ways. Marketers, agencies, industry groups have to rediscover the essentials of building Brands. Not tactical ‘stunts’. Not promotional panic. Not ‘one-off’ nice-to-have things, but long-term activations.

Express your Brand in fascinating ways

Business owners, Company managers and Marketers are too troubled with the ‘top-line’ (growth, sales, results) and have lowered their attention to their Brand expression and perception.

People were always ad avoiders, in the sense that they are escaping boring and repetitive “seen it before” campaigns and content. We were tracking so many years the affinity, likeability and most recently the engagement percentages of targeted consumer groups. They are all, slowly but steadily decreasing but no Marketer is anxious to fix this.

Some Brands still do the right thing!

See the first video below. Some brands still galvanize themselves with insightful, creative campaign themes. Here’s the example of Airbnb, whose Acceptance Ring project last year, by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, was a creative high point!

It’s the same simple thing that keeps the Apple brand be considered as great (the second video below is “Apocalypse” …ever wonder what life would be like if all our apps suddenly disappeared? Enter the Apocalypse). The video was presented at their World Developers conference, but what an Insight, a world without apps!

Every moment, every product code, every experience of theirs is becoming larger than life. Wait, don’t continue saying “yeah, but that’s Apple” because you can’t continue going to market with excuses. Be the Apple of your industry. Experiment and provoke the audience’s sentiment. Step by step you build the big Brand status you say, you wish to reach…

Even when they’ve launched a coloured product code, they did it in grace, with music and not simply promoting it as a banner through their thousands of resellers’ sites. It invested 0:38 seconds to grab a nice sentiment. Bonus-tip: Apple is used in taking a public stand on issues (the most valuable publicly traded company of all time led by openly gay CEO Tim Cook, released a commercial in Australia celebrating the country’s recent passage of marriage equality); it’s not only modern design…

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.”

Steve Jobs

Content isn’t working, why don’t you give it a Creative push?

The 76% of global Marketers see Content as their No1 challenge. If you’re sticking with your content approach from three or five years ago, it’s now 50% less effective, less shared.

If you wait for a solution from your agency (without any brief and strategic direction from you!), you’ll continue failing below market average. In this new world of Content saturation and falling social shares, the big winners are sites that have built a strong reputation for original, authoritative content, or Brands that still push their Creative appreciation by audiences (wait, I don’t mean creativity for the sake of a strong ‘punch-line’, but true Brand positioning ideas…).

Of course, it was always the case of a bold Marketer to drive and approve such campaigns. Beware: social sharing of content has been cut in half since 2015; Google sites now drive twice as many referrals to publishers; Facebook changes have had a major impact on levels of engagement and the types of content that get shared. What will you do for your Brand in the long-run?

At least make your Content interactive!

If you’re not investing in campaigns that create your brand experiences’ leadership “effect”, at least work more (yourself and your agency) in more interactive (yes, two-ways) content that captures attention and enhances audience experiences:

Some good practices and examples

For PR & Ad agencies, anything and everything that a Brand posts (share-worthy) on social media are promotional material:

  • Content on Twitter (posts, polls, videos, GIFs, quotes, mentions)
  • Facebook and Instagram hashtags and participating in discussions on Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Reddit etc.
  • Best-case of GE. The social media-savvy company launched #Droneweek. The campaign used Periscope and allowed viewers to get a drone’s eye view of the firm’s facilities (exclusive and surprising)
  • Best-case of Toyota Prius Goes Plural campaign. Toyota created a fake controversy by sparking off a debate over the plural of the word Prius and promoted the campaign on different channels by creating a video, promoting Tweets and opting for target audience outreach on Facebook. This got a lot of people interested in the campaign, who participated in the debate excitedly. Needless to say, there were shares, mentions and increased traffic on their website.
  • Use social videos more
  • Learn more and think as an analogy the Elon Musk’s PR stunt SpaceX project
  • Get the stimulus out of “Oprah for President” for when you want to position a public persona or an issue

Digital channels and tools at the hands of Digital, ad, and PR industries will continue to evolve with the growth of the internet. But it’s upon them and their Talent if they will activate and support Brands in unique ways. Strategic, Creative, Long-term experiential and engaging for audiences


We come to the same conclusion: Marketers, agencies, industry groups have to rediscover the essentials of building Brands. Not tactical ‘stunts’. Not promotional panic. Not ‘one-off’ nice-to-have thing, but long-term activations.

But that takes the right Client, the right Brief, the competent Creative, the open-to-try-new-thing audience. For the time being, I’m on the impression that we have only the last parameter …the audience waiting for something good.

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