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I acknowledge that my seat isn’t fully reserved unless I send -well before the event- to an email with code-message title: “BMB Event [NAME OF EVENT] registration, [NAME, SURNAME]” with an attached bank transfer receipt or other means of payment for the 40% of the event’s participation cost.

Payment instructions

To reserve your seat & receive your invoice

Since the events are scheduled on a First-come-first-served basis, use the below Bank transfer data to pay the 30% of the event’s participation cost, and reserve your seat. If you don’t appear to the event, you will be refunded half of your pre-instalment.

Bank name: Bank of Cyprus Public Company Ltd.
Account no: 357027356759
IBAN: CY59002001950000357027356759

Terms & Notes

I understand that the Borrow My Brain events aren’t massive, but offer limited spots available. I also understand that event organizers pay in advance fees and costs to events third-parties.

This is why a 40% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve my seat and send to an email with the code-message title: “BMB Event [NAME OF EVENT] registration, [NAME, SURNAME]” and an attached bank transfer receipt.

If I choose not to appear at the event, I understand I forfeit my deposit without refund. For any more questions on the events or applications please email

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