• Time / Duration

    February 2019

  • Location


  • Event purpose

    Build Brands

  • Catalysts

    Tasos Pagakis
    Stefi Vasilopoulou
    Aspa Tsamadi

  • Participants

    9 business owners

For those that wish to build or transform their business.

A two full-days event with the Borrow My Brain experts. In an isolated venue, 9 owners make an environment of Creativity, Inspiration, and Opportunities. Join if you have this Blue Ocean desire. You will acquire unique competence training and practical answers to benefit your dreams, business and KPI’s.

  • WHAT is it for?

    Dreaming & doing. Hear what’s coming in markets in the next 20 years. Then, imagine crafting or improving your business ideas. Ask the toughest questions on Branding, Communications, and Digital Presence. You will unwind, feel free and connect with fresh perspectives.

  • WHO is it for?

    The brave, the courageous, the dreamers, and the doers. That kind of people who grab each day and try to improve the world around them. Those that dislike routine. Reacting positively to challenges. The ones who wish to know how to build a Brand that inspires and a Business that grows. Is that you?

  • WHY should I join?

    You are about to diversify your business or build something entirely new, off-and-online. You worry about what’s coming, but you also have a positive view of life. You’re not happy repeating the last 30-years’ routine. You will listen to practical solutions from people who made a huge leap forward.

  • MY benefits are:

    Creative exchanges. Workshops 24/7 for new Ideas. Find the Why’s & Creativity for what you love. Unstoppable insights for any segment, product, or situation. Personal coaching worth thousands of euro. All the questions you have on business, operations, consumers. Tools and tricks of the trade.


What kind of learning interests you for upcoming events?

Which subject matter topics are you interested in?

Jeff Bezos

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by doing hard things well.”

Steve jobs

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

  • Cost

    The cost is €648 before VAT. (incl.: accommodation, breakfast, materials, and personal sessions).

  • Discount

    You can join alone, but if you bring a reference/friend of yours you get a discount -15% on both invoices.

  • BONUS offer

    If you participate, you’re entitled to 2-hours FREE business coaching after the event, as a follow-up on progress.


Define your business in new grounds.DAY 1 – full dayDAY 2 – full day
– Define Brand universe
– What alternative options do you have
– Which products make it through
– Workshop with your product/idea
– Get input from the teams
– How should you price your offer | Value exchange?
– Capture opportunities | Partnerships | Ambassadors
– How do you communicate?
– Workshop on your story
– Workshop on your communication actions
– Relax time & dreams session
– What makes you afraid the most & solutions
– Workshop-2: Go to market your idea, from Branding to Digital
– Get input from the teams
– Relax time & dreams session
– Your one personal hour of business coaching
– Group discussion: your decisions are
– Final open-ended Q&A
– Participants discover what they’ve learned
– Workshop on what you’ve learned
– How would you remake a true business story?
– Workshop with your product/idea II
– Get input from the teams
– Brand architecture, Sales, and Customer ideas
– Workshop on your Customer service
– Your one personal hour of business coaching
– What would you do on social media?
– Content writing | Blogging | eMail | Acquisition
– Workshop on building the online business
– Final open-ended (360o) Q&A session
– Hugs and farewell

Due to the fact, that participant seats are few in the special, exclusive escape/retreat event and reservation costs critical, make sure you follow the process to secure your seat: a) send the email giving your phone number, b) coordinate with organizers, c) follow the payment instructions (and you receive the invoice).


BMB Borrow my Brain Consulting is on a mission to transfer Branding, Marketing, and Communications know-how to help Clients abandon routine and re-charge their plans in the Economy 4.0. Ask for Consulting sessions, Content creation, Storytelling workshops. For reasons of integrity, on the website, we avoid topics directly related to the work with Clients.

Vision & Mission

We shepherd Brands with actionable ways. Working in the foundations. How Brands look, talk and behave, off-and-online. All claim legacy, leadership, customer-centric …old-school irrelevant.

Leading a business is a sane journey, but you gave a Promise, right? To serve and move them. This looks now to innovation, change, customer marketing/CX, Content. For these we review plans, we enrich plans (tactics, PR, online, sales, crisis) and train people.