• Time / Duration

    March 2019

  • Location

    Venue TBC

  • Event purpose

    Be the Brand that people follow

  • Creative catalysts

    Anna Malliarou
    Tasos Pagakis

  • Participants

    10 professionals
    of any background

For those that wish to be seen, understood, and engage

A half-day on-stage training by the Borrow My Brain experts. The 16 exercises that global CEO’s execute to reach communicative leadership. Your only prop is yourself and an Idea to spread. How can you convince others to follow what you say?

  • WHAT is it for?

    Your voice is low-key. Your eyes are aching. The crowd is gathering. You only have 5 mins. to breathe-in and fight anxiety. But all these, are perception ‘nightmares’ that don’t exist. On-camera, on-site, in-meeting, with peers and audiences you have the magic stick to make them look through your eyes the story you tell. And they mesmerize. They want to be like you, on-stage. You are the experience.

  • WHO is it for?

    The fierce ones, that don’t worry about being ‘naked’. The ones who wish to try everything, from acting to crying. From whispering up to the high tempo and magical gestures, so people can feel the experience. Any professional who got intimidated in-office and didn’t have the strategy to convince and make others believe. Those that have a hidden power inside and wish to improve their pitch delivery. Is that you?

  • WHY should I join?

    You will be trained by trained trainers. In real business trenches. Not by ‘copy-paste’ public speaking ‘gurus… You will follow the training techniques that global CEO’s have outperformed in consecutive, fast, tough exercises learning every time how to overcome obstacles and tough context. You will train yourself on higher grounds.


Your theme interest for upcoming events?

Which subject matter topics are you interested in?

Brandon Sanderson

“A storyteller isn’t telling you how to think, gives you questions to think upon.”

Mary Catherine Bateson

“The human species thinks in metaphors and learns through stories.”

  • Cost

    It’s €190 before VAT.

  • Discount

    If it is a company team, all benefit from a corporate discount.

  • Your BONUS

    By taking part in the training, you get the Pitch tips and 1 hour of coaching to check on your progress.

Making an Impact, Training agenda

SESSION-1 ControlsSESSION 2 – Practicing
– The entrance, the stage, the audience, the strategy
– The elements of voice, tempo, gestures, moves, and eyes
– Test your performance using all in one
– How to position the story: various techniques
– Pitching Strategy vs. Content
– Practice on-stage | Poem | Reading | Selling | Arguing rhetorics
– Practice on-camera and correct yourself
– The 16 exercises delivery
– Self & audience feedback for improvement
– Learnings | Q&A | Cocktail

Due to the fact, that participant seats are few in the special, exclusive training, make sure you follow the process to secure your seat: a) send the email giving your phone number, b) coordinate with organizers, c) full-payment should happen before the event (and you receive the invoice).


BMB Borrow my Brain Consulting is on a mission to transfer Branding, Marketing, and Communications know-how to help Clients abandon routine and re-charge their plans in the Economy 4.0. Ask for Consulting sessions, Content creation, Storytelling workshops. For reasons of integrity, on the website, we avoid topics directly related to the work with Clients.

Vision & Mission

We shepherd Brands with actionable ways. Working in the foundations. How Brands look, talk and behave, off-and-online. All claim legacy, leadership, customer-centric …old-school irrelevant.

Leading a business is a sane journey, but you gave a Promise, right? To serve and move them. This looks now to innovation, change, customer marketing/CX, Content. For these we review plans, we enrich plans (tactics, PR, online, sales, crisis) and train people.