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Companies are puzzled by the Transformation. No Growth. Poor outcomes. Brand activation plans repeat in routine mode. The Brand Plans review is an hourly exchange session for Brand & Corporate Marketers -confidential and senior take- to support Strategic planning, Creative & Content direction. To add ‘juice’ and improve B2B2C plans, narratives, and activations. Review together and connect the dots for the Wanted position, CX-Value exchanges, and Most wanted actions. Align business KPI’s with insightful and creative storytelling. No monthly retainers. It is an ad-hoc, on-call, Value-add service.

Stakeholders don’t buy-in ‘me-too’ Marketing & PR. Does digital need long-term themes? You can’t make an Impact. The 360o PR is a 1-hour session for Corporate & PR teams, confidential and senior take, to meliorate annual plans of Vision, Corporate, Issues & PA, Media, new propositions, and online presence. We develop long-term themes for internal-external audiences. No monthly retainers. Tasos Pagakis has created activations for the toughest KPI’s on Brand perception, Company direction, Sales growth with his work in BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi, Lowe, Civitas-Ketchum, DDB, Prime/Weber Shandwick, House Radon, United Minds, Edelman, Ericsson.

The 76% of global marketers see Content marketing as their No1 challenge. All search online advocacy. How can you meet your business objectives with omnichannel-readiness? How many formats? Which channels? The Content creation is a booking per hour, so Marketers and Agencies get content support from a strategic and digital-skilfull partner for messaging and strategizing. From a reactive statement to a native piece, up to a social media script. Create benchmarks to re-use for internal, change, PR, social, and own media. Tasos Pagakis has planned for a global campaign for 10 regions recently templating all Vision, Product, PR, online, and customer marketing assets.

In the last 8 years, in US and EU, we witnessed 200 corporate Crisis. It will intensify. Regulation and deregulation victimize brands and operations. Haters and hecklers are loud online. The intense competition places attacks and WoM spill-overs. As Brand touchpoints increase, risks multiply. Poor readiness. The Crisis Preparedness is a specialized 4-hours workshop, compared to none, that prepares company leaders for stakeholders, actions, messaging before an incident occurs. You learn the practical 20 hot rules and you work on 10 business continuity & perception issues, using an accumulated, hands-on know-how on managing 42 heavy-lift crisis-response cases.

Huge shift from rational messages to purpose-driven Storytelling. Communicative leadership needed from a speech to a tweet. Leaders now address Company direction, Change & Innovation, Regulation & Customers. How they say it, matters by 93%. Spokespeople training is bespoke for your Company issues. Intense, 1-2-1, with exercises on how to ‘play’ message angles and ‘sound-bites’ to convince. Build Thought-leadership for loyalty, goodwill, and Trust. Tasos Pagakis has trained 2 global CEO’s, 33 political leaders, 120 country managers and 23 int’l teams on-camera, in-studio and is a trained Trainer (Ledarstudion, Stromberg, Ericsson, Dale Carnegie, BBC, and CEB-Gartner “Black Belt”)

Why do designers work for Healthcare? Why pharma uses Cloud? Why digital steals jobs? Why many can’t perform at startups? The Transition era. Change and new models. Brand You is a creative meetup to help Civil groups, Talent, and Startups on Branding and path-planning. We discuss and fire-up new ideas, foundations, and actionable plans for either career or business. It’s stimulated by the responsibility of supporting! Only when pioneers, creatives, and young leaders challenge the status quo successfully, we connect to the prosperous future. Use the experience from global innovation hubs and business acumen for your future path.

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