It’s all about Respect, Perseverance, and Quality

Michael Parker

Legendary Pitch coach & former CEO at Team Saatchi

A truly innovative mind with a lengthy career in Advertising, including 20 years in management at Saatchi & Saatchi. Legendary reputation of delivering 700 winning pitches. I’ve seen Michael in live action presenting to international Clients and I’ve learned a lot from him. He has made an impact on my presentation style, pitching stories and ideas’ conceptual ability. He knew how to energize, lead and inspire teams and their mental effort.

Yorgos Zannias

Founder & Chairman at BBDO Group Greece

The unique breed of a Creative brand strategist. Awarded among the most 25 important world-known Advertising men by Advertising Age. He founded a powerful network of 17 agencies. He gave me a lifetime lesson on corporate management and coordination, and an opportunity to test my skills, developing and growing, and then he pushed me forward to manage one important business unit of the Group.

Sir Frank Lowe

Knighted for Advertising & Charity; Founder of Lowe Worldwide

He started a small creative agency to develop a famously awarded global agency network. His legendary campaigns for Heineken and Stella Artois benchmarked the creative global scene. He gave me two invaluable pieces of advice on a rainy London day: a) never give up with communication stories while others usually execute their client’s request and b) be really creative in the client service domain. I’m still following his advices after 30 years

Gregory Antoniadis

Communications & Media Director, Unilever

An accomplished leader in the FMCG market. In a world of complacent marketing, he was one of the most inspiring Clients I’ve ever worked with. Encouraged my teams to produce great campaigns (memorable, awarded, selling) by stimulating initiatives and passion. What more to ask from a marketer? We produced together some highly effective campaigns and I always recall the opportunities he has given to my teams and myself.

Micky Denehy

Founding Principal, EACA International Academy

For more than 25 years he is a communications expert with agencies, Clients and Trade bodies. A world-class communicator who has worked for Ogilvy & Mather, Bates Worldwide, and the Saatchi & Saatchi. Founding member of EACA, an excellent tutor, and a knowledgeable manager. I worked with Micky and learned from him numerous tips in developing new business, pitching and communication tactics, creating Permanently Infatuated Clients.

Takis Kiousopoulos

Entrepreneur & former CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Greece

He introduced in 1981 in Greece -first time- the concept of integrated Marketing Communications. A true believer of organizational theory and a relentless worker for ideas and success of Clients. Working closely and reporting to him was a great learning experience for 6 years, each and every day. He had always a specific progress plan for each employee with measurable personal development goals. He meant everything through action and consistency.

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