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Why Borrow my Brain?

Many ask: Why Borrow my Brain? It’s an answer to Client and Agencies ‘silo-ed’ approaches. It’s an accessible idea for all hard-working business owners, marketers, and communicators that have incremental strategic needs. It’s bespoke Consulting and Training for their Brand experiences.

In a recent wide audit, 360 company leaders confirmed that consultants, coaches, developers, and agencies fight for the Client’s budget, paying limited attention to Brands, with a reactive service input. Marketers need senior and pragmatic support to tackle the Transformation.

A business owner paid three times(!) for the e-shop‘s development, but no one told him that his portfolio can’t be just inserted as a bunch of photos inside… That he needs to have a unique story, and a portfolio selection based on trends, keywords, interests. An exporter was paying monthly retainers to a content provider (blogger) and some SEO experts, getting nowhere. No one told him to work on loyalty and unique offer schemes to promote. No one told him that he must work on his brand assets, in a way that cuts through the narrow web attention span. Same issues for a hotelier. Same issues for a CEO who invited a trainer to coach his salesforce for becoming the brand experience. The trainer was showing them quotes, anecdotes, and ladder-slides going into the sky. Enough!

In this Transformation of service and businesses, automation, and new models only the 40% will survive. You can’t fool with routine solutions. You need to combine Marketing, Communications, PR, and Digital in one view. Saving costs, creating meaningful interactions, protecting positionings. That’s where Borrow my Brain comes in…

Borrow my Brain, Lead

Tasos Pagakis is on a journey to build, and scale Borrow my Brain in EMEA. Sharing expertise from his 30 years in Branding, PRStorytelling, and Digital marketing.

Has worked in both worlds: the strategic marketing Client-side and the Agencies’ world. A unique expert breed of consumer branding, and then excelling in Corporate Brand & PR practising. Check his Experience, connect, ask input, refine choices.

He knows how to fix the digital divide between brand experiences and Consumers. Growth mindset. Has navigated brands, programs, and leaders. Today, brands and leaders risk on marketing distrust and parity messages. Everything seems the same. Stakeholders aren’t thrilled. Digital presence isn’t working, without a strategic view. Use Borrow my Brain ad-hoc, on-call, and the least expensive of your assets.

  • Consulted Leaders on Corporate issues and activations
  • Corporate communications & Storytelling narratives for B2B
  • Briefed, pitched, and navigated B2C Brands with Insights and measurable metrics
  • Brand management expertise with Customer journey strategies
  • Project management of global/local, multi-discipline Omni-channeled campaigns
  • Volunteer in communities and Mentor of teams, talent, and entrepreneurs
Tained Trainer
  • Presents Brand experience, Asynchronous & digital PR, Content creation
  • Workshops for Presentation skills & Spokesperson Media training
  • Has trained 23 global marketing teams on Strategy & Brand
  • Speaker on Industry Transformation, and Corporate reputation in Economy 4.0
  • Visiting tutor for 6 months at Athens Panteion University for Brand Marketing
  • Trained by Ledarstudion, Hyper-island, Stromberg, Ericsson, BBC, Dale Carnegie, Ketchum
Career path
  • Currently: Consultant & Trainer to Business Owners and PR agencies
  • Marketing Consultant to American Hellenic Hull Insurance
  • Director External Communications, Global PR Manager, Head of Communications at Ericsson
  • Corporate Communications & Client Service Director at Ketchum Civitas
  • Senior executive at attp, Saatchi & Saatchi, Lowe Worldwide, BBDO Group and Response Branding
  • Campaign Manager, political communications

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Marketing and Brand owners are in interesting times: Consumers drive the market changes. Paid media don’t have much ROI. Only unique experiences sell and the Marketing profession has changed. But it’s still, all about Strategy, Creativity, and Brand Stories!

Worked with

I ‘ve been working with Tasos for many years, being in the same Leadership team.
I was always impressed with the way that he has been dealing with assignments. A distinguished capability of is his creativity and innovative approach that results in the maximum effectiveness.

George Pappas Country Manager, Ericsson Greece

I am following Tasos’ work for several years and had the chance to work with him on StartupLive Athens. Professionals combining experience with strategic creative thinking and openness are rare and I consider Tasos as a role model for the younger generation with the ability to motivate you to create things with a collaborative attitude.

Konstantina Zoehrer Researcher, Impact-oriented Entrepreneurial mind

Has everything you could wish for in a colleague: reliable, inspiring, ambitious and extremely curious, which is as hard to find in people as it is important in today’s evolving work life. A great friend, thoughtful, generous. The combination makes him a truly fantastic global team member.

Olle AhnveChief Marketing, Betalo

Tasos was always a results-oriented person with excellent communication skills. Delivered our projects with high integrity that always inspired people around him. Working with Tasos was a combination of business efficiency with great fun.

George Georgakopoulos CEO Financial services / Fintech / Financial lending

Tasos is very open minded, fast thinking person that is capable of fast accepting and covering new topics. He is very good speaker and capable of handling many simultaneous tasks.

Milena Matic Senior Advisor at Arthur D. Little Austria GmbH

The most important attribute I discovered that Tasos has, is the ability to study/analyze reality & facts and present tactical and strategic solutions and plans to deliver results within the constrains set. Really appreciated this.

John Gratsonis CEO, Greece and Cyprus at BSH Home Appliances Group

What’s coming

In 2009-10, Tasos Pagakis started evangelizing the connected economy, which empowers everyone. Flying twice per month to Rome, Athens, Stockholm, Tokyo, New York, Bucharest, and Tel-Aviv (to name a few), he has seen the Change disrupting companies, brands, but also great new opportunities emerging. Witnessed factories closing down, automation replacing experiences, and new solutions changing economies.

He has seen R&D, people, incubation, and talent creating innovative platforms, while other brands becoming obsolete. This is why Borrow my Brain is important: to shepherd businesses, ideas, and talent to Growth. Business models will be destroyed, and new will arise. Industries will transform. For 20 years more. You need knowledge-transfer and practical ideas. Shift mindset, improve off-and-online service, think value-exchanges.

In the Economy 4.0, your key to marketing success is to offer experiences. Customer loyalty is not secured in the internet days. Focus on Customer Journeys. Stop thinking top-down, stop using ‘mass’ practices, stop thinking numbers and Facebook likes. Corporate team, salesforce, B2B owner, brick-and-mortar retailer, or Startup you need to “identify with the Customer”! Adapt your business, service, and your Storytelling to be relevant.

Borrow My Brain

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