Pen, advice, and actionable ideas for SME Business owners that want to grow


    Pen, advice, and actionable ideas for PR teams that aim for Impact


    Pen, advice, and actionable ideas for Youth teams that plan their future


Define & Scope

BMB Borrow my Brain is a Consulting company. Simple idea. Knowledge-transfer of global expertise to SME owners, marketers, and communication teams in the era of Industries’ Transformation. They are the backbone of the E.U. economy. They must improve, ignite and grow.

BMB will revolutionalize the high-cost, theory-tools, old-logic Consulting industry. It will prove every day that access to practical, actionable, measured and expert growth marketing, storytelling, and digital input should not be expensive, but a valuable asset for each company.

BMB brings together experts, that aren’t after Customer’s pocket, but for Growth. One, two, or ten Customers doesn’t matter. In the Transformation, at least we should save those good, hardworking business owners and managers who wish to adapt and succeed.

Ways to work together

Growth marketing support to business owners for Brand, Marketing, and Digital with actionable ideas from 30 years’ global/local experience

PR Content creation for in-house teams or Agencies to build Desired position that cuts-through the web’s narrow attention

Training workshops for Executives, Sales, and Spokespersons on Public presence, Storytelling, Media techniques with real business exercises

Talent direction creative workshop to help Communities, civil groups, young Talent, Job seekers, and Startups plan their future paths


BMB Lead

Tasos Pagakis is on a mission to build, develop, and scale Borrow my Brain. He shares global knowledge and actionable ideas for Growth Marketing, Storytelling, and Transformation to re-charge your plans.

Why? Growth shifts like never before. Disruptions accelerate. The new societal deal is here. Powerful forces disrupt Companies, Owners, Change-makers, and careers. Don’t go there alone. You need nothing but thoughtful, expert, measured, and actionable responses.

Small-medium size companies: help them how to Transform and Grow.

Marketing & Communications: equip them with narratives, off-and-online.

Young Talent: show them what’s coming, so they work in new directions.

Welcome to Borrow my Brain, give feedback and contribute to shepherd new ideas on “What’s Next”.

Growth shifts. Disruptions accelerated. A new societal deal is here. Powerful forces impact negatively Companies, Owners, young Talent. Don’t go there alone. Borrow my Brain for actionable responses

BMB Services

Small & medium-size business Owners are puzzled by the Transformation. No Growth. Poor outcomes. For 20 more years. Borrow my Brain Mission is to help Owners, -the backbone of E.U economy- grow again.

Borrow my Brain. Simple: 1-hour knowledge-transfer meeting, to answer your business issues. No contracts, or monthly retainers. Not after your pocket but after your Growth.

Ask Tasos Pagakis anything out of the 4.800 product and service propositions he has launched. Work in your Wanted position, Customer experience, Value service, Growth plan, and Digital most wanted actions. The session will be of the highest value among all of your costs and assets.


Stakeholders don’t buy-in Communications & PR output. Plans seem ‘me-too’. Digital is without long-term themes. You should make an Impact; cut-through the 7 secs. web attention span. Use Borrow my Brain.

Borrow my Brain is a 1-hour confidential meeting to add narratives and ‘juice’ to your annual plans. Outside-in. No contracts, or monthly retainers. Good work among peers that love this profession.

Tasos Pagakis has created activations for the toughest KPI’s on Brand perception, Company direction, Sales growth, and CX with perspectives from his work with BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi, Lowe, Civitas-Ketchum, DDB, Prime/Weber Shandwick, House Radon, United Minds, Edelman, Ericsson.


Companies face Trust gaps, suspicion or scrutiny. Content isn’t working. People search online advocacy. How can you meet your tough business objectives without impact and omnichannel-readiness?

In-house teams or agencies can use Tasos Pagakis as their skillful partner for Content & message copywriting, to increase Impact and Engagement. From a reactive statement, up to a social media script.

Create your content benchmarks to re-use for internal, change, PR, social, and own media. Tasos Pagakis most recent achievement is the planning of a global One Campaign for 5 business units, in 10 regions, for all PR assets, online, and customer marketing. One voice, One brand, One experience.

Spokespeople, Sales, Managers shape the Brand. They define audiences’ understanding, involvement, and contribution. Most of them treat sharing with Partners, Customers or Media as a necessary evil.

But they all need to be impressive Storytellers for thought-leadership and growth. These are special training workshops with tough exercises on the public presence, media, and storytelling exchanges.

Get the experience offered to more than 250 leaders on special issues’ messaging, brand experience, and Corporate Consulting issues. Use Tasos Pagakis, a trained trainer from Stromberg, Ketchum, Ledarstudion, BBC, Dale Carnegie, and Ericsson on Crisis, Media, and Storytelling.


Why do designers work for Healthcare? Why pharma uses Cloud? Why digital steals jobs from marketing? Why many can’t perform at startups? Borrow my Brain mentors for Change and new models.

This is a creative workshop exchange compared to none, to fire-up young talent’s ideas, foundations, confidence, and actionable plans for either career or business/startup efforts.

Stimulated by the possibilities of supporting youth. Only when you pioneers, creatives, and young leaders challenge the status quo successfully,  only then we connect to the prosperous future. Use Tasos Pagakis experience in global innovation hubs and his business acumen for your future paths.


Experienced in regional and global projects, with the ability to both focus on details at the same time as he has focus on strategic issues to get the full picture. Tasos is a humble person to work with, but always argues if there are aspects he believes are important to deliver success

Tobias GyhleniusHead of PR, Modern Times Group

I’ve worked with Tasos over numerous years, while he was in region as well as during his stay in Sweden. He is always ready to contribute his experience by bringing great ideas and constructive feedback to make a communications package more impactful and easier to implement.

Jana Mancova Head of Communications Networks, Ericsson

His many years of experience contributes a wealth of knowledge to clients. Thoroughly analytical, good strategic thinker, very personable creates great relationships with his peers and clients. Very hard worker, and an overall pleasure to work with him.

Albert Revah Owner, Amvyx

We worked together on the Olympic activation campaign for Visa in 2004. He was an awesome leader of the coordination team in Athens and we built a partnership that I will always value. If I ever find myself needing help in Greece he will be my first call.

Simon HathawayChief Marketing Officer, Dassault Systemes

Highly talented communicator with extensive experience in marketing and integrated campaigns. Gives strategically sound innovative solutions that secure a distinct ROI. His creativity and passion have earned him numerous industry awards for both brand and corporate

Pandora Lycouri Partner, Kantar Vermeer

Owns extensive and impressive professional background. He has activated internal resources and energies to plan, brief, and execute communications. True and inspirational business partner, while engaging everybody involved to find the most innovative ways to relate with company’s publics.

Raluca EneCEO, Chapter4 Romania